The Firm

In a courtroom, there is no second place.  You either win or lose.

At the end of the day, results are what distinguish a good attorney from an exceptional trial lawyer. Every client should expect their lawyer to be responsive, knowledgeable and professional.  Consistent results achieved through creative and aggressive solutions are what really matter to a client.

The lawyers at our firm have been successful in every phase and at every level in state and federal courts.  Our representation is seamless from the first client meeting through an appeal.  We consider ourselves to be your partner in the lawsuit.  Not only does part of our fee always hinge upon achieving the client’s desired result, but we feel a true sense of responsibility for all of our clients – individuals and businesses.  From day one, we look at a case from our opponent’s perspective.  Anticipating their next move allows us to be prepared to take aggressive action, including a counter-attack if necessary.

The attorneys at Ayres Law Office are not looking to “manage” your litigation.  We are in the case to win. Period. With creative solutions and nimble execution, we strive to keep our opponents on the run.  With a strong reputation among peers and the judiciary, the Ayres Law Office brings a level of professionalism, intelligence, and integrity to a case that quickly gets opposing counsel’s attention.

We stand behind our clients and results.  That is why we are selective about the cases that we take, the clients we represent and the other professionals that we work with.  In this business, reputation means a great deal.  Our’s speaks for us.