Our Approach

In this business, reputation means a great deal. Our’s speaks for us.

Today many “litigation” lawyers evaluate and accept cases based on the likelihood the case can be settled or disposed of on a profitable basis to the lawyer.  Not infrequently, this philosophy of law practice results in the client receiving far less in compensation than is actually due or spending far more defending a case than is necessary.  This modern trend stems from lawyers approaching the practice of law as a business and not a profession.  A disconnect has resulted, whereby lawyers focus on themselves and their firms, as opposed to what is best for their clients.  Such an approach engenders an impersonal relationship between the attorney and client and encourages the lawyer to be detached from the reality of a client’s life.  This is why each fee arrangement with our clients reflects a partnership predicated on a successful result for the client and why the Ayres Law Office will not handle cases or clients unless its lawyers are firmly committed and ready to take all steps necessary to meet the client’s objectives.

By comparison, the Ayres Law Office adopts a traditional approach to law practice.  It is selective about the number of cases and clients it accepts, giving the time and effort required to increase the likelihood of a successful ultimate outcome for the client.  This process involves not only identifying and committing to the client and the client’s cause, but also fosters ongoing and detailed communication between the attorney and client.  In this relationship, the client can rely on our attorneys demonstrated and certified competence as a lawyer and also high standards for professional ethics and personal integrity.  Without this commitment, the relationship between attorney and client degenerates into the morals of the marketplace in which there is no feeling of mutual trust or real confidence.

The true and ultimate test of a lawyer is the results obtained in the courtroom and on appeal.  Stated differently, the past predicts the future.  With the Ayres Law Office, every case is handled, supervised and directed by a multi-board certified lawyer with real, proven courtroom results that have been repeatedly shown – year in, year out.

The Ayres Law Office accepts and prepares cases for trial, not settlement.  This includes the tedious, difficult process and expense of discovery and investigation in order to fully explore the factual basis and legal theories to pursue the client’s best interest.  Unlike the nominal “litigation” lawyer, the Ayres Law Office is committed to and wants to try lawsuits in front of real judges and real juries with real results for real clients.  Additionally, the Ayres Law Office handles its own appeals, which are very frequent in major cases.  In this way, the client is assured of continuity of judgment and, to the fullest extent possible, the case is tried in a manner which will maximize the likelihood that it will be resolved on appeal to the client’s benefit.