There Is No Second Place In A Courtroom


On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2021 | personal injury

A thirty-year licensed electrician worked at a Dallas-area plant. The electrician reported to the automation subcontractor, who in turn reported to the general contractor. Late in the day, after work was scheduled to be completed, the electrician was asked to complete some additional work. Shortly after he began completing his work, hot water and acid poured through a pipe and burned him.


The case hinged on who was responsible for the injuries. Suit was filed against the automation subcontractor and the general contractor – both of which blamed the electrician for his own injuries and denied responsibility.


The Ayres Law Office sought and obtained a former government investigator to testify on complex workplace safety standards, and focused on presenting the graphic, horrible and debilitating injuries of the electrician. Use of workplace regulations and communication standards were essential to demonstrate control and direction at the jobsite was far different than what the rules required.


The case proceeded to trial in federal court and a jury was convinced and found that the general contractor and automation subcontractor were liable to the electrician for a large six figure verdict after a nominal pre-trial settlement offer.