Attorneys in Dallas, Texas

A portion of the firm’s practice includes representing professional clients in matters relating to their ability to practice. While this may include court proceedings, it can involve administrative proceedings before governmental agencies controlling licensure or certification of the professional. The representation may also require assisting a professional during internal review or discipline by his or her employer, or assisting employers during their investigations, audits or discipline of employees. Jack and Chris Ayres are both board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Civil Trial Law and by the National Board of Trial Advocacy in Civil Trial Advocacy. Either Chris or Jack (and often both) will supervise and lead the representation of every client in these situations. Some of the typical clients and cases handled by the firm include but are not limited to:

  • Civil trial and appeals for professionals concerning negligence and other torts
  • Representation of lawyers from the initial response to a grievance through appearance before the Board of Disciplinary Appeals and Texas Supreme Court
  • Representation of fire and EMS personnel, officers and several unions during licensure, discipline, promotions and other matters
  • Representation of doctors during peer review, licensure, privilege or other matters
  • Representation of nurses during peer review, licensure, privilege or other matters
  • Representation of automotive dealerships before state and local agencies
  • Representation of insurance professionals before Texas Department of Insurance