There Is No Second Place In A Courtroom


On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2021 | commercial litigation

For a man who spent his entire life serving his local community through public service, rising through the ranks to the Assistant Chief of the Dallas Fire Rescue Department, nothing could be worse than sitting in front of the television with his two girls listening to a news story describe him as an abusive governmental official who was fired for sexual harassment – a crime under Texas law.


Roland Gamez knew the genesis of the allegation against him stemmed from his denial of unjustified pay-raise requests, but his superiors would not listen to his side of the story. He turned to the Ayres Law Office to help him clear his name and to make sure his children (and community) knew he was innocent.


When analyzing the issues and law, the Ayres Law Office notices fundamental flaws in the investigation, including an unclear questionnaire and abusive investigator. Faced with a host of complaints, the Ayres Law Office met each complaint one-by-one, eventually deposing each witness and learning that some witnesses simply fabricated charges when asked to do so, some denied that Chief Gamez ever sexually harassed them (contrary to the investigator’s report) and others’ stories crumbled after lies were exposed. Once those complaints were collectively destroyed, the supervisors were deposed and confronted. Seeing the lies, they admitted to not having the proper information and how the outcome should have been different.


On the eve of trial, the case concluded with a $1.5 million settlement, a public retirement party for Chief Gamez at City Hall (as each retiree is afforded) and an ability for Chief Gamez’ family, friends, and community to know, in their hearts and minds, that he was the man of integrity that they always knew him to be.