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When is the semi-truck driver’s employer liable for your injuries?

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2023 | personal injury

Drivers injured in semi-truck accidents often suffer more severe injuries and long-term complications. The size and weight of commercial trucks contribute to the increased damage and risk. If you suffered an injury in an accident with a semi-truck, your instinct might be to hold the driver responsible. You may not realize that the driver’s employer could be responsible as well.

There are a few instances when the driver and their employer may share liability.

The company neglected due diligence

Although it is rare, the driver may not hold proper CDL licensing. If a trucking company hires a CDL driver without vetting their education and licensing history, they share liability if the driver injures someone in an accident. The company has an obligation to ensure that all drivers are properly licensed and insured.

The company put unreasonable expectations on the driver

Federal safety guidelines restrict the number of hours that any commercial truck driver may spend behind the wheel. Some trucking companies place unrealistic expectations on their drivers. Those expectations often include delivery deadlines that drivers can only meet if they violate those restrictions. This leads to too many hours on the road, increasing the risk of accidents for which the company shares liability.

Proving that the company acted negligently is not always easy. Testimony from the driver as well as documentation of any evidence may help your case. Remember that while the driver may be liable for your injuries, liability does not end there. If the driver’s employer contributed to the events in any way, they share liability.