There Is No Second Place In A Courtroom

Professional Representation

A portion of our firm’s practice includes representing professional clients in matters relating to their ability to practice.

Searcy & Miles V. Texas University Health Plan, Inc.

Few Things Could Be More Frightening than Your Employer’s Insurance Company Telling You that They Would No Longer Pay nor Permit You to Care for Your Disabled Son in Your Home; Instead, They Planned to Relocate Your Son Hundreds of Miles Away in A Facility with Questionable Care. Challenge: Federal…


State Bar Of Texas V. T.C.

In almost every lawyer’s professional career, something negative will happen with a client at least once. More rare is to have multiple issues fall within the same calendar year, particularly when you did nothing wrong and simply abided by court orders. Our client was and is an extremely successful practitioner,…


S.O., M.D.

A doctor must be able to maintain and demand a high standard of care for his or her patients. That means not only from the doctor, but also the group and the staff at a hospital where the doctor maintains privileges. Without these fundamental tenants, health care in this country collapses….


Larry Miller V. Drug Enforcement Admin. & Texas Medical Board

For Dr. Larry Miller, offering pro bono medical direction to a rural emergency medical service (EMS) system was something he both enjoyed and felt called to do. His steady hand took the system from one of the worst performing groups in Texas to a banner program that was provided the…


B.B. And A.C. V. The Texas Department Of Insurance

This case was not David versus Goliath. It was David versus Goliath and Goliath’s older brother. The Ayres Law Office P.C., represented two, successful insurance agents before the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI). The proceeding resulted after their international insurance company reported them for alleged malfeasance and fraud, shortly after the agents made…