There Is No Second Place In A Courtroom

Testimonials From Clients

Bill Schwyhart

“Staring down an adversary with unlimited resources and a bench full of trial lawyers, I needed help in the worst way in an incredibly complex business dispute. I had to find the best lawyers I could to help me win the fight of my life. I searched across the country with every connection I had. After talking with Chris and Jack, I knew I had found the people who I could trust. Their work changed my life forever.”

Rogers, Arkansas

Dan Wood

“Lots of folks encourage you to stand up for principle. Where are those same people four years later when the professional battle continues, with no end in sight? Who has the energy and willingness to never let up, never back down and bring the same intensity every day? Chris did that for me. When quitting seemed easy, Chris encouraged me – promising not to leave me by myself. There is no one else I want in the foxhole with me than him – day or night, good or bad, simple or complex. He’s my guy.”

Allen, Texas

Danny Cox

“Chris and Jack handled our case flawlessly from start to finish. The only thing that exceeded their mastery of the laws and facts of our case was their tenacity. It’s almost incomprehensible: we went from being nearly forced into a judgment of over $300,000 to not only owing nothing but having the other side pay us. Their creative vision proved the concept to me that the best defense in a lawsuit can indeed be a great offense if you pick Chris to set the course.”

Fine Autographs and Memorabilia Retail Store, Plano, Texas

Ron Anderson, M.D.

“Jack Ayres is a formidable attorney for his clients, but he is also a communitarian and a person interested in personal and social justice. Jack Ayres became a volunteer at Parkland in a very special role and now for over 30 years, he continues assisting us in getting court orders for patients that need treatment, saving hundreds of patients who might otherwise have died or suffered a disability. Jack did all of this pro bono. Chris has followed in his father’s footsteps as an attorney, communitarian, advocate for the vulnerable, and the police and fire departments in our area. He exemplifies professionalism and integrity just like his father. These gentlemen are excellent attorneys with the energy to match their intellect. I’m glad to have had this friendship now with both father and son. This is not a Cinderella story because none of this is magic. It is years of hard work and dedication to a profession, to individual clients and to the Dallas community.”

Ron Anderson, M.D.Former President and CEO
Parkland Health and Hospital System

Mark Danuser

“Chris Ayres has been exceptional at representing us in all of our legal needs. His professionalism and knowledge of applicable law have been second to none and a huge asset in our fast-paced industry. Chris’ ability to listen, quickly formulate a tactical response and help in navigating legal matters is of great value to our company. Most importantly, we appreciate the honest analysis and solid counsel we continually receive from Chris and his team.”

Tatum Brown Custom Homes, Dallas, Texas

Joel Fudge

“My wife was killed at the age of 22 in a car accident when I was only 25. Chris Ayres worked tirelessly for me and was fearless in court. When we won the verdict that made responsible parties finally be held accountable, there were tears in his eyes and mine. I finally got the closure I needed to move forward with life. Chris, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Waco, Texas

Randy Roberts

“I have used the Ayres for over twenty years and I trust their judgment completely. I have recommended friends to Chris and Jack who have also had great experiences with them. I have full confidence and the utmost respect for these men and their firm. Nothing surprises them. Beyond being prepared, it is reassuring to know you have always had the best advocates in the courtroom in Chris and Jack – regardless of who is on the other side.”

Manager, AutoRevo Ltd., Dallas, Texas

Damon and Towanda Crawford

“It meant a lot to me to know the Ayres Law Office wanted to make sure our family was taken care of. The professionalism and the hearts of Chris and Jack are amazing. In order to completely accomplish something you have to be passionate about it, and this group is passionate about what they do. My daughter and her future were their focus throughout the case. Even after the case was settled, I am still in contact with this group. I look at the Ayres as part of my family, because they have defiantly have gone the extra mile and we will forever be grateful.”

McKinney, Texas

Ryan Craig

“When my family, friends and my business has a legal issue, the only lawyer that I turn to is Chris Ayres. He has always gone above and beyond to address my legal needs. I cannot thank him enough for their steadfast dedication.”

First Financial Mortgage, Dallas, Texas

James Henrise

“As a police officer, when my retirement, lifelong professional reputation and personal life were on the line, I literally could not afford to lose. It was Chris and Jack who were willing to walk with me on an uphill fight, to say the least. The commitment and respect of their peers and judges helped me win and get the resolution and vindication I badly needed.”

DeSoto, Texas

Andrea Curlook

“I got hit by a tractor-trailer that weighed 77 tons and was traveling well over the speed limit. The effects of the accident destroyed my life as I knew it. Chris found me justice through a rigorous and seamless jury trial. While I never want to see a courtroom again, if I’m ever forced into one, it won’t be without Chris.

Toronto, Canada

Pam Douglass

“I came to the Ayres Law Office for help with the wrongful death case of my husband involving an airline crash. Jack Ayres was proficient, thorough and knowledgeable in the law yet it was his integrity and genuine concern for myself and my three young children that enabled me to get through the lengthy process. There was professionalism and class in every interaction, legal or otherwise. Mr. Ayres’s competency and eloquence during the trial phase were outstanding. When the decision was sent to the appellate court the firm was able to handle that as well which kept me from having to search for and work with another law firm. Mr. Ayres is a brilliant and truly honest lawyer and it was a genuine pleasure to work with him.”

San Antonio, Texas

Bobby Baker

“When the bell rings, we, as firefighters respond. No hesitation. We just go. The Ayres responded, just like that, for me in my case. After watching Chris and Jack, I was glad they were on my side and not against me. They defended me by taking the battle to my opponent. I could not have imagined a better result.”

Dallas, Texas

Tim Tomlinson

“As a mid-sized business owner, it is very reassuring to have Chris at the top of our network. He is always available, genuinely listens to our concerns and provides sound, knowledgeable feedback and advice in a timely manner. Chris has truly been great to work with and we respect your legal and professional advice. The proof of what I say is that we come back to Chris for not just some of our legal needs, but all of them.”

Gear Cleaning Solutions, Dallas, Texas