There Is No Second Place In A Courtroom

Testimonials From Lawyers

Mark Mann

“I have known Chris and Jack for many years and can say you will not find a more hard-charging and prepared law firm than the Ayres Law Office P.C.. They always represent their clients zealously and at the same time show compassion for their clients when they most need guidance and attention. I have worked with them on a number of cases and have, in fact, had them represent me. I can tell you they do a great service to their clients.”

Mann | Tindel | Thompson, Henderson, Texas

James M. Stanton

“During my time as a state district court judge, I observed hundreds of attorneys in court. Chris Ayres is as good as it gets. His reputation among the judges is superior. He has earned his professional reputation by combining the right mix of aggressive advocacy and candor that produces results. When I have an important matter for my family or close friends, Chris is the first person I call because I trust his judgment without reservation.”

Former State District Judge, 134th Judicial District

Craig D. Cherry

“During my career, I have had the privilege of trying cases with some exceptional trial lawyers. Without a doubt, Chris and Jack Ayres are two of the best trial lawyers in Texas. The depth of their knowledge, with regard to both procedure and substantive law, is unmatched, in my judgment. But, even more than their understanding of the law, is their sincere passion for helping their clients that truly identifies who they are. When you then add Chris’ and Jack’s tenacity in the courtroom, it results in a lethal combination for opposing counsel and their clients.”

Steckler, Wayne, Cochran, Cherry PLLC

Tom Albright

“During my 31+ years as a commercial trial lawyer, I have never encountered a better trial lawyer than Jack Ayres. Anyone who has tried lawsuits knows that to be effective you must be a scholar of the law, who is deeply insightful about human nature, gifted in communicating with the two most important, yet different audiences–juries and judges, absolutely loyal to your client, and, as corny as some may sadly see it, possess profound respect for and fidelity to justice. It is very rare to see all of these qualities in a single advocate, but that is exactly what gets with Jack. I am happy to report that Chris Ayres makes an undeniable case that these qualities are indeed genetic!”

Albright Law, LLC, Austin, Texas

Scott H. Sims

“I know many lawyers in Texas. There is no lawyer better, talented and a more fierce advocate than Chris Ayres. If I am heading into a Texas courtroom, Chris is the guy that I want front-and-center advocating with and for my clients and me. His success is not accidental. His relentless preparation and natural advocacy yield a cutting-edge style that ultimately culminates in the persuasion of judges and juries.”

Frank Sims & Stolper LLP, Newport Beach, California

John Clark Long IV

“I had the misfortune of being sued and my financial well-being and professional reputation were on the line. I considered all the lawyers that I knew in Dallas (after almost 25 years of practice) that could not just defend me, but vindicate me. Chris Ayres’ ability in written advocacy was exceeded by his oral advocacy. After a contentious jury trial, Chris Ayres was the advocate that won for me. Many lawyers in Dallas can be hired to defend you; few lawyers can be hired to win. Chris is one of those lawyers.”

Bickerstaff Heath Delgado Acosta LLP, Dallas, Texas

John Mercy

“I have tried cases with both Chris and Jack. They are two of the most prepared and professional lawyers that I know. We have worked on appeals together and their research and writing skills are second to none. But the bottom line is that if I had to hire a lawyer, I would look no further than these two.”

Mercy, Carter and Tidwell, LLP, Texarkana, Texas

Dudley G. Jordan

“Chris and Jack Ayres are two of the finest lawyers I have ever worked with and are a true rarity among modern legal practitioners. Not only are they outstanding in the courtroom and in crafting appellate arguments, but they are also completely dedicated to their clients. When they take on a case, that case becomes personal to them. They are the first lawyers I would call for a colleague, friend, loved one or personally for legal representation.”

Gordon & Rees LLP, New York, New York

Randy A. Nelson

“As a result of having worked on cases in which I was opposed to Chris, I became aware of his knowledge and competence as an elite trial lawyer. Because I liked the professional way he represented his clients, I have advised a number of people who had suffered personal injuries to contact Chris when they were deciding who to hire as their lawyer. I trusted that they would appreciate the skill, expertise and dedication Chris would bring in representing their interests.”

Thompson, Coe, Cousins & Irons, L.L.P., Dallas, Texas

Edel Cuadra

“When I needed legal representation in a civil matter and my career was at stake, I wanted the best trial attorney that I knew – Chris Ayres.”

Constangy, Brooks & Smith, LLP, Dallas, Texas

Andrew B. Russell

“Highly skilled trial lawyers who are 100% committed to their clients.”

K&L Gates LLP, Dallas, Texas