There Is No Second Place In A Courtroom

Commercial Litigation

Commercial trials are complex by nature, but we are equipped to handle any challenge and can serve the needs of our clients seeking representation for business disputes.

Sinclair V. O’neil

A family business can be extremely rewarding and extremely challenging. Our client devoted years of her life working side-by-side with her father in his car dealership. Unbeknownst to her, years before, her dad put a succession plan in place with his attorney that gradually provided larger and, ultimately, complete ownership…


Schlictermeyer V. Aboud

No one enters into a partnership with someone they believe might defraud them and then try to cut them out of the very business they created. Sadly, this happened to our client who formed a specialty practice with his medical colleague. To his frustration, when a national health care organization approached…


Ruhrpumpen V. Flowserve

Our client, a family-owned business was approached by a competitor asking if they wanted to buy some of the competitor’s assets. The competitor claimed that the United States Justice Department had ordered it to sell off certain assets so that it could merge with a third company. When the Department…


Roland Gamez V. City Of Dallas

For a man who spent his entire life serving his local community through public service, rising through the ranks to the Assistant Chief of the Dallas Fire Rescue Department, nothing could be worse than sitting in front of the television with his two girls listening to a news story describe…


Lloyd Ward V. John Clark Long Iv

Terminating a partnership can be one of the most difficult and stressful things a person can go through in their professional career. When our client and his law partner decided that it was time to go their separate ways, things did not proceed amicably. Having been opposing counsel to the…